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The passengers



Les Passagers is a musical group whose sound and influences are in a musical line of inspiration more European than American. Their songs are said to be elegant and refined dream-pop, and their music teems with psychedelic textures. After releasing two independent EPs, in 2016 they released an album with Sunset Hill Music titled Eldorado. Rather dark texts and dancing music, a voice that vibrates and sounds that make waves, the synergy that operates between the five members of the group certainly does not leave indifferent as they create, together, a teeming sound jungle. which will seem to come to life before your eyes.

Les Passagers are talented musicians: Andréanne Muzzo on keyboards, Nicolas Ferron on guitar, Antoine Ferron on bass, François-Pierre Poirier on keyboards and Liam Killen on drums, but above all their trademark comes from the unique voice of Andréanne who leaves no one indifferent.

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