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Nolton Lake



It was in the humidity emanating from the Asian jungle that Nolton Lake discovered his first notes of music, surrounded by people and a culture that would become one of the colors of his creative palette. He grew up in Vietnam, but it was his time in India that left the deepest mark on the singer-songwriter who now lives in Montreal. His love of the sitar is definitely not monogamous, you just have to listen to him play the guitar to understand that his heart speaks a universal language. Between the acoustic songs and the burst rhythms of world music, we can hear instruments from all continents and the echo of a voice that sings to us that we all share the same love.  In this universe, the stream of inspiration is a fast-flowing river that seems so calm on the surface. When we linger a little, we discover a sensitive force, an exotic familiarity, a comfort just enough to destabilize.

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